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Roller Garage Doors Old


Slats are made from double skinned aluminium with a CFC free, PU foam filled insert for effective thermal and sound insulation. The slats form the curtain of the door.

RD55 slat sizes: 55mm high, 8.2mm thick

RD77 slat sizes: 77mm high, 18mm thick

Roll Housing

The roll housing is the enclosure in which the slats of the curtain are concealed as the curtain rolls up. All of our roller doors are fully enclosed in a roll housing that is designed to be fitted either above or below the lintel of the garage. We supply a fully enclosed roll housing because it is part of the machinery directive, to prevent damage or injury from moving parts and further ensures the longer life of the internal mechanism.


Doors can be controlled by the remote handsets or the fixed control unit mounted inside the garage.
All automated doors come with a manual winding handle for when there is no power.
Where there is no alternative entrance to the garage, manual winding is by an external manual override with security key.

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